Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A farmer discovered a simple predator to Asian Hornet!

The Asian Hornet (Asian Wasp, Vespa velutina) is a predator for bees.
A french farmer found an easy and common predator for the Asian Hornet: the young chicken.
Chickens, very fond of protein, are formidable predators for the Asian Hornet (also called yellow-legged hornet). Installing the apiary in a poultry house or vice versa still makes possible beekeeping.
Although the chicken eats a few bees, those which are sick, clumsy, which fell on the ground, or some dying larvae, etc ...
But it appears that the chicken eats all the Asian Hornet standing in front of the hive. The Asian hornet is not aggressive towards chicken, but bees are. And chickens usually know that there is danger with bees but not with Asian Hornet. Therefore it stands at a safe distance. Moreover, the Asian Hornet is slower and louder than bees and way more preferred to the bees.
Try yourself!
Video on youtube:

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